BY APPOINTMENT ONLY_______________________________

The providers at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska see patients by appointment only.  We make every effort to provide prompt medical care to all of our patients. If you arrive in our clinic as a walk-in, please understand that you will be asked to schedule an appointment. Time may be available that day or you may be asked to schedule for a later date. 

It is your responsibility to know when your next appointment is scheduled.  You may request a reminder call as a courtesy; however, the responsibility of remembering your appointment is still yours regardless of whether or not we are able to reach you by phone.

LATE ARRIVALS_______________________________________

We make every effort to maintain appointment time commitments and we request that you extend the same courtesy to us.  If you are running late, please call our clinic to reschedule. We understand that special circumstances can arise, which may cause you to run a few minutes behind. On occasion we are able to work-in late arrivals into the schedule; however, this is at the discretion of our front office staff. 

If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, to help avoid delays in treatment and extensive waiting times, we may ask you to reschedule. 

MISSED APPOINTMENTS (NO SHOWS)____________________

The staff at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska respects your time and we ask for the same courtesy. Missed appointments (no shows) affect our ability to provide timely attention to our patients. When a patient does not show up for their appointment, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen. If you are unable to make your appointment, we respectfully request that you notify our clinic as soon as possible. We realize that emergencies occur and ask for a courtesy call to inform us that you will be unable to make your appointment. This will also allow us to reschedule your appointment at the same time.  We can be contacted both by phone and via the website.

This policy also covers follow up appointments that may be unnecessary due to a full recovery.  We are happy that the team at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska was able to help you fully recover and ask that you call and cancel if our services are no longer needed.  Failure to cancel an appointment that you do not attend will be considered a missed appointment or no show. Remember, you may need our assistance again in the future.

Protocol for No Shows:

The first no show will be followed up with a letter in the mail reminding you of our missed appointment policy. If you fail to attend two consecutive appointments or three appointments within one calendar year, you will be charged a $40 no show fee and a second letter will be mailed to you. In addition, a course of action will be determined based on the clinic team's review of your case and individual situation. Repeated cancellations and no shows could result in a discharge from our clinic. You are directly responsible for payment of the no show fee on or before your next appointment. The no show fee cannot be billed to your insurance company.

If you no show your initial visit (first appointment) and fail to contact our office, no further appointments will be scheduled. Please remember that for true excellence in health care, the patient-physician relationship is essential. This relationship starts the moment you make your appointment at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska.


The providers at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska work hard to be a center of excellence for all pathologies of the foot and ankle.  Additionally, we coordinate care with other specialists in our established referral network to optimize the continuity of your care. Failure to keep your appointments for referrals made for you to see specialists, diagnostics, and labs could result in non-compliance. Not only do repeated cancellations and no shows jeopardize your health and quality of care you receive but could result in a discharge from our clinic.

PLAN ACCORDINGLY__________________________________

Please remember that it is your responsibility to monitor your medication usage and to plan for your monthly follow up visits if you need refills. The Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska does not consider it an emergency if you run out of medication as a result of a canceled or missed (no-showed) follow up visit.   If you arrive at the clinic without an appointment, expecting to be seen for a refill, an appointment will be scheduled for you and you will be asked to return at that time.  It is against our policy to call in a prescription to a pharmacy for pain medications under any circumstance. Please plan your monthly follow up visits accordingly, taking holidays, weekends, and other non-clinic days into consideration.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE______________________

We value you as our patient and know your time is valuable and we are always looking for ways to improve our ability to manage the rapid growth of new patients.  It may seem that you are waiting a long time or that patients who arrive after you are being taken first.  Please understand that waiting patients may not necessarily get called back in the order they arrive at our clinic. This is due to simultaneous appointment schedules, which are specific to multiple treatment services in our clinic. 

We do strive to provide excellent care for each patient and this can lead to delays in your scheduled appointment. We promise that you will be treated with the same level of attention and compassion as the complex or emergency patient that may have required additional time. We do apologize if you experience a delay in your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping your appointment and

we are honored that you have selected us to be part of your care.

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