February 02, 2019
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 LB 37 at Nebraska Unicameral Legislature  

The cold weather did not keep Dr. Greenhagen from traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska on January 30, 2019 to speak on behalf of the Nebraska Podiatric Medical Association concerning LB 37.  LB 37 is a bill being introduced to change the Podiatry Practice Act.  The change would impact podiatry in Nebraska to allow and authorize a physician assistant to assist a podiatrist.  The bill is being sponsored by Senator Hilkemann.                                                                            

Introduction of LB 37    

The bill was introduced by Senator Hilkemann to a committee of 10 senators on Wednesday, January 30.  Dr. Greenhagen was asked by Senator Hilkemann to speak on his knowledge and expertise in the area of podiatric care. Dr. Greenhagen provided data as to why a physician assistant would be helpful in growing podiatry care in rural Nebraska and helping to continue to provide exceptional podiatry care in current podiatric practices and hospitals. 

When a bill is introduced to Legislature, the bill must receive a public hearing by a committee.  The information Dr Greenhagen provided was transcribed and recorded to become a part of the official committee records.  To view the official site of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, please click on the link below.

What happens next?

The committee now has three options to take, they can: 

  • Vote to send the bill to general file with or without amendments
  • Indefinitely postpone the bill
  • Take no action on it

The surgeons at Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska and Iowa will continue to follow the progress of this bill.  LB 37 will hopefully make its way to the Legislature floor and find its way to the desk of the Governor for signing.

What can you do?  

If you support LB 37 you can contact your Senator. Click the link, you can find your Senator by name or district number at:








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