February 08, 2019
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The importance of independent medical providers cannot be stressed enough.

For everyone that is frustrated in the rising cost of health care, know that your independent provider is too. A recent study showed that hospitals and hospital-owned physicians are the real sources of the skyrocketing cost of health care.  Most people are not aware that physicians that are owned by the hospital are paid more than independent providers; as a matter of fact, this higher rate costs Medicare and Medicare patients over $750 million each year.  Independent physicians and services were responsible for a 6% increase in health care costs while hospital-owned physicians and services increased 25%.

Are you seeing the best possible provider?

Did you know that most hospital systems require providers to internally refer and may be terminated if they don't comply? Sadly, these policies have recently made news in the Omaha area; Children's Hospital appears to have selected a less qualified surgeon due to internal referrals.

Choose wisely when you select your physician; ask questions when you are referred. Is this provider the best or just in the hospital system? You have the right to choose, and that choice has a big effect on the outcome and price of your care.  

Why are we different?

We are proud to say that the providers at the Foot and Ankle Center of Nebraska and Iowa and FAST Physical Therapy have earned our referrals through hard work, unmatched skills, compassion, and dedication.  We are always concerned about controlling costs and providing the most cost-effective therapies.  We also use the most advanced therapies to improve outcomes and speed recovery. 

Come see the difference, set-up an appointment with one of our providers by calling 402-391-7575.


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